by Zero Hedge


A new video that surfaced on TikTok showed what appeared to be a Postmates Serve delivery robot cruising down the sidewalk of Los Angeles, dodging a homeless man laying on the pathway, and continued on its route to deliver food to a customer. 

If you had to ask us, this video is a glimpse of the dystopic future in liberal-run cities where automation displaces low-skilled workers and the homeless population continues to increase. 

TikTok was awash with comments about the dystopic world ahead: 

“This is the future, and it’s looking pretty bleak,” said glassfox. 

“This is so dystopian,” Kendall Tichner said. 

Another person said, “when are people going to realize they are replacing people’s jobs with robots this is the start.” 

Someone else added: “There definitely something wrong with this” video. 

This is a taste of the dystopic world ahead where automation displaces millions of humans. Some of them will wind up homeless or perhaps be given generous UBI checks as technological unemployment is set to soar by the end of this decade.