Biden is not well and the whole world can see it.

Joe Biden lost his train of thought once again during a NATO summit presser on Monday.

When asked by a reporter if he still thought Russian President Vladimir Putin was a “killer” ahead of a coming face-to-face meeting, Biden awkwardly stumbled and bumbled through an answer that made no sense.

“Well, look, I mean…he has made clear that uh…uhhh..” Biden said before falling silent for almost ten seconds.

“The answer is, I believe he’s in the past excentially [sic] acknowledged that he was uh…there’s certain things that he would do or did do.”

In typical fashion, Biden humiliated himself throughout his visit at the G7 summit in the UK over the weekend, getting lost in a cafe, forgetting names of countries, and defensively fumbling with the press.

This comes amid reports that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was overheard at the G7 telling his staffers that he expects Kamala Harris to replace Biden by the end of 2022.

Everybody in the world knows Sleepy Joe doesn’t have the stamina for this.