“We’ve got to hold him accountable. We have to hold China accountable, and they have to pay reparations,” Greene says. “This is something we’re demanding.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-Ga.) laid into Dr. Anthony Fauci and Communist China during a news conference Tuesday over their roles in creating and releasing COVID-19 upon the world.

“How do you feel about being part of a human experiment with COVID-19? Because that has been what we have been over this past year,” Greene began.

“And the reason why we deserve answers is because of Dr. Fauci’s emails with him himself stating that he funded to the Wuhan lab this gain of function research.”

Greene then claimed that humanity became “victims of a bioweapon” due to Fauci’s gain of function research at the Wuhan lab.

“And here’s the question that needs to be asked: why would there ever be viruses created, taken out of nature, that can be shared and passed among bats or other creatures, and then harnessed and then changed into some sort of virus that can be spread among people?” she asked.

“There’s a word for that. It’s called bioweapon,” she added. “Were we all victims of a bioweapon? We demand answers.”

The Georgia congresswoman also pointed out how Fauci misled President Trump on the true death rate of the coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic to justify unprecedented nationwide lockdowns.

“He told President Trump millions were going to die,” Greene said. “He was saying that on CNN in March. But yet in his email, he stated the spread rate and the death rate was going to be several hundred thousand. Imagine that, advising the president one way, but yet in his own personal emails admitting the truth.”

Greene then blamed Fauci for essentially “governing” the country with unprecedented recommendations like lockdowns and wearing masks all the time.

“Dr. Fauci must be fired. People that are not elected by the American People should never be governing our country, should never be controlling our lives. We’ve got to hold him accountable. We have to hold China accountable, and they have to pay reparations,” Green concluded. “This is something we’re demanding.”

Greene introduced the Fire Fauci Act in April, which has since gained 10 Republican co-sponsors.

If the bill passes, Fauci could still keep his job, but his salary would be reduced to $0.

But given Democrats control the House of Representatives, Greene’s measure is unlikely to pass.