by Kelen McBreen

This will soon become commonplace

Footage out of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina shows volunteers and county health department workers going door-to-door to try and get citizens vaccinated.

The program, dubbed “doses to doors,” kicked off on Monday.

Volunteers with Action North Carolina have been going to homes to provide information promoting COVID-19 vaccine safety since May, but this is the first time they’ve had county health officials there to administer vaccines on the spot.

WCNC Charlotte reported on the program, saying up until Monday volunteers were only been trying to “dispel false information.”

Now, with health care workers joining them, the county bragged about vaccinating four people during a few hours of canvassing.

The vaccine push is also being aimed at minority communities, who WCNC Charlotte claims have lower vaccination rates, are more skeptical of vaccines and have been disproportionately impacted by COVID.

One volunteer arriving at front doors boasted, “The majority of the crew is African American or LatinX because it’s hard for people to find commonality on subjects if they don’t see themselves in it.”

Volunteers also appear to go about the process in a sneaky fashion, asking if people would consider getting a shot and then informing them a health worker is around the corner with a vaccine if they say “yes.”

The mobile vaccine program comes just a week after the Biden administration announced door-to-door COVID vaccine “strike forces” coming to a neighborhood near you.

Of course, the internet has brutally mocked the concept of a Biden administration door-to-door vaccine push.