‘Children are being raised to desecrate the flag.’

Disturbing video from a suburban neighborhood shows a young boy on a scooter stop to yank an American flag out of someone’s yard and throw it on the ground, as his mom stands right beside him.

In the footage, which appears to have been filmed by a hidden surveillance camera, a mom and son ride up to a neatly maintained lawn displaying a small American flag.

The boy attempts to yank the flag out of the ground as he rides by on his scooter, but fails. He then stops and goes back to grab the flag before throwing it to the sidewalk.

Meanwhile, the boy’s mom riding alongside him on a bicycle also stops to act as a lookout as she waits for her son to desecrate the flag.

The boy gives his mom a thumbs-up as the pair ride off.

Besides the violation of private property rights, commenters noted the disturbing notion that “Children are being raised to desecrate the flag.”