“Clearly, Joe’s unity pledge was a lie,” says Fox News host.

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity scorched Joe Biden over his tyrannical new vaccine mandates and warned Americans that unless they resist, they will be “canceled in society altogether.”

“It’s your body, his choice,” Hannity said on his show Friday. “With an unconstitutional, illegal, unethical federal vaccine mandate that, by the way, he said he would never support.” 

“But you better get the vaccine or Dr. Joe Biden is going to unleash the full force of the federal government against you,” Hannity said sarcastically.

“And your loved ones and your employer. And you will be canceled in society altogether. You’ll be shut out of everything.”

Hannity criticized Biden’s “cold, calculated political ploy” to turn the American people against their unvaccinated brethren.

“Joe Biden’s heartfelt unity pledge lasted all of seven months,” Hannity said. “Now, it’s us versus them, and Dr. Joe’s patience is wearing thin.” 

“Clearly, Joe’s unity pledge was a lie. Now, half the country is enemy number one, because they don’t want to follow Dr. Joe?” 

“In fact, Democrats say nicer things about illegal immigrants and even the Taliban, some of them, than the 80 million unvaccinated Americans,” Hannity said, noting the Biden administration’s remark that the Taliban is “businesslike and professional.” 

He went on to say that while “anyone with a brain knows the mandate is in serious legal jeopardy,” Americans should still take Biden’s assault against freedom seriously.

“Individual freedom, liberty is a precious right in this country,” Hannity said. “Once you lose it, it will be gone forever.”