Local law enforcement not concerned with extremely graphic sexual images in school libraries

Reporter Kristi Leigh attempted to file a police report regarding pornographic materials found in the library of her child’s school and was shut down by local law enforcement.

Leigh tried to file the report with the Williamson County, Texas Sheriff’s Office because she was worried the Round Rock Independent School District Police might cover for their employer, the school district.

Sheriff’s Office put her on the phone with Round Rock ISD Police.

Leigh showed the camera a censored version of one of the disturbingly sexual books found at the school library while describing it to an officer.


After several minutes of being transferred back and forth between multiple police departments, Leigh finally got a Travis County Sheriff’s deputy on the phone.

Leigh explained what type of pornographic material the school books contained and the officer responded, “They’re books right? It’s an educational facility… I don’t believe it fits the elements of a crime.”

Would the officer be fine with Playboy magazines being placed on school bookshelves?

In the end, the officer failed to take Leigh’s report and suggested she file a complaint online.