by Sputnik

Sleepy Joe continues to embarrass U.S. with more ridiculous gaffes.

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Biden’s remark elicited a wave of mockery from a number of social media users, some of whom made disparaging remarks about the POTUS.

A particular fragment of US President Joe Biden’s interview with notable American historian Heather Cox Richardson has gained attention online recently due to a verbal gaffe made by the POTUS.

During the interview, which took place on 25 February in the China Room of the White House, Biden, among other things, turned his attention towards the events in Ukraine.

“How do we get to the place where, you know, Putin decides he’s gonna just invade Russia”, he said.

Mere moments after uttering these words, Biden corrected himself and explained that he meant to say “Russia is gonna invade Ukraine”.

A number of social media users who commented on the video fragment in question on Instagram, however, did not seem particularly impressed with the US president’s conduct.

“I mean #JoeBiden please end this charade.. so now Putin is invading his own country?” one netizen inquired.

“Damnit! Will someone please download the software updates on this bot?!!!” quipped another.

“I just don’t understand as a society how we are ok with electing someone who you wouldn’t leave alone with a kitchen toaster…” the third lamented.

And yet another user remarked that the United States “invaded like multiple Middle Eastern countries without provocation over the years”.

“Dems are so full of it they always act like they are perfect and everyone else is wrong when they do exactly what the Dems do,” they added.

This isn’t the first verbal blunder recently made by Biden and related to the current situation in Ukraine, as, during his recent State of the Union address, the POTUS declared: “Putin may circle Kiev with tanks, but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.”