by Kelen McBreen

The media is doing the bidding of their masters

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The name “Hunter Biden” has not been mentioned by ABCCBS or NBC in the last 259 days, according to the Media Research Center (MRC).

July 12, 2021, was the last time any of the aforementioned network newscasts said the name.

Meanwhile, alternative media outlets like Infowars and The National Pulse have been consistently exposing Hunter’s shady business deals and deep ties to US-run biolabs in Ukraine.

Even Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson addressed the massive Hunter Biden biolab story in several segments over the last few weeks.

In addition to the Hunter biolab connections the media largely ignored, they have also disregarded the fact that the infamous laptop belonging to the president’s son was confirmed to be legitimate by The New York Times on March 16th.

So, the same media outlets that claimed the Hunter laptop was a product of Russian disinformation are now ignoring the fact that they lied then and are continuing to cover up for the degenerate crackhead son of Joe Biden.

“They need to say his name, report on this controversy, and all the other Hunter Biden scandals,” the MRC writes.

The media weren’t the only ones who ran cover for Hunter Biden when the laptop story was originally made popular in 2020, as over fifty intelligence officials signed a letter at the time falsely claiming the laptop was Russian disinformation.

One of the intelligence officials even bragged on Twitter recently about how falsely labeling the laptop as Russian propaganda helped swing the election in favor of Joe Biden.

The media outlets that failed to accurately report on the Hunter laptop when it first came out continue to ignore the saga’s evolving storyline despite a recent poll showing two-thirds of Americans think it’s an “important” issue.

While it’s great they finally came out and admitted the laptop is real, Americans don’t need confirmation from The New York Times regarding the validity of the computer.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe confirmed the laptop was not Russian disinformation back in October of 2020.

Infowars covered the DNI revelation and even published a list of Democrat politicians and media outlets that falsely claimed the Hunter laptop story was Russian propaganda.

Adan Salazar of Infowars first wrote about the Hunter Biden laptop on October 14th, 2020, which is just another reason why we’re known as Tomorrow’s News Today.

While the establishment ignores the bombshell scandal and prepares their deflection propaganda campaign, alternative outlets will continue providing the latest updates regarding the national security risk that is the president’s son.

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