Formula shortage continues either through sheer incompetency, or intentional planning.

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The Biden administration is working to resolve an unprecedented baby formula shortage they claim no one could have seen coming.

In a Monday interview with CNN, however, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra admitted the federal government’s been aware of the shortage as early as last year.

“You are satisfied with the government’s response throughout this [baby formula shortage]?” asked CNN’s Kate Bolduan.

“From everything I’ve known… the FDA has kept me apprised of this from LAST YEAR. We have been moving as quickly as we can,” Becerra responded, admitting the Food and Drug Administration has known of a coming shortage since 2021.

On Friday, Biden told reporters the federal government “moved as quickly as a problem became apparent to us.”

Asked if the administration should have moved sooner on the issue, Biden responded, “If we’d been better mind readers, I guess we could have.”

On Monday, the FDA released a fact sheet informing families how to address the formula shortage, including phone numbers to various resources, however CNN reports when a reporter attempted to call some of the numbers listed, “the exercise resulted in apologetic customer service representatives, one hold time that lasted well over an hour and serious challenges in finding baby formula through some of the main suggestions listed on the new HHS website.”

At this point as everyone is now well aware of the issue, the shortage is continuing either through sheer incompetency, or intentional planning.