Judge dismisses lawyer’s notion that Jones can win defamation case, claims he can “appeal” when he loses.

The presumption of innocent no longer exists in Biden’s America — the judge finds you guilty, and the jury decides how much should be paid for guilty verdict.

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The Connecticut judge overseeing the Sandy Hook defamation trial against Alex Jones tacitly admitted that the Infowars founder has already been deemed guilty by the court.

In a remarkable exchange with Jones’ attorney Norm Pattis on Friday over grounds for an objection, Judge Barbara Bellis signaled that Jones has already been found guilty when she told Pattis that the defense can appeal after Jones loses.

“If it’s not clear – wouldn’t be the first time – and you’ll move for an articulation, and I’ll articulate when I’m directed to by the appellate court. I understand that there will be an appeal, I assume-” Bellis explained before Pattis chimed in.

“Well, maybe not,” Pattis responded. “We might win.”

The judge acknowledged Pattis’ remark, but said dismissively, “There may be an appeal, there may not be an appeal, then.”

This comes after Bellis sanctioned Jones on Tuesday by barring his defense from “presenting evidence or argument that they did not profit from the Sandy Hook coverage.”

So Jones’ defense can’t even assert innocence or put forward evidence in the case against him, similar to the Texas judge’s unlawful order in the first Sandy Hook lawsuit.

Jones’ lawyer has also been banned from mentioning the fact that Hillary Clinton brought Alex Jones and Sandy Hook into the public spotlight in 2016 or that Megyn Kelly revitalized the topic during her 2017 interview with Jones.

Bellis even threatened to hold Jones in contempt before the first witness even made it to the stand after Pattis highlighted how the prosecution explicitly stated the goal of the defamation case is not to seek compensatory damages, but to shut Alex Jones down.

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