by Adan Salazar

21-year-old regrets doctors didn’t do more to diagnose her gender issues as mental illness.

A 21-year-old girl who was put on hormone blockers and received testosterone treatments when she was a teenager five years ago says she’s “too far gone” to de-transition, having gone bald, and regrets doctors didn’t do more to diagnose her gender confusion as mental illness.

In a candid Twitter post Sunday, user KC Miller shows “what almost five years of hormones does to a teenage girl,” adding, “Remember, I’m 21.”

Miller, whose voice is deep due to years of testosterone treatments, describes just receiving a haircut after “being tired of watching my hair thin out.”

“This is what I mean by hair loss,” she says, lowering her head to show a balding head of hair.

“It just keeps getting worse. It keeps thinning. It keeps receding backwards… um, and I’m not exactly sure that’s coming back.”

Miller describes herself as “being androgenized to the point of no return.”

“I really don’t see those being fixable,” she says.

“So that’s when I talk about… just staying as I am regardless of how I feel… because I don’t really see me personally being able to come back from what’s happened so far.”

In a Twitter thread Monday clarifying a few points, Miller admitted she doesn’t fully regret her decision and isn’t trying to transition back as she “transitioned before I reached adulthood” and doesn’t know what it would be like “socially living as a woman.”

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