Resurfaced video from 2019 shows pediatrician explain how a trans boy on hormones should remove gonads if “her testes are non-functional.”

A Stanford Children’s Health physician argued that transgender minors should undergo life-altering “gender affirmation” surgeries rather than wait until turning 18.

In a Ted Talk conference at the University of Nevada from 2019, pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Tandy Aye, the Medical Director of the hospital’s Pediatric and Adolescent Gender Clinic, claimed that underage individuals who identify as transgender should take hormones and eventually have radical surgeries before they come of age.

“As transgender people are more openly being able to seek therapy, the demand for transgender surgery has increased by five-fold over the past five years,” Aye said.

Aye highlighted the case of an underage boy named Avery undergoing hormone treatment, claiming he should surgically remove “her testes” because they’ve become “non-functional” via chemical castration.

“However, if as soon as pubertal blockers were added, and then estrogen was added to her therapy, Avery’s testes never developed,” she said. “In fact, she does not make any sperm and her reproductive capability to be a biological parent has been eliminated. Her testes are nonfunctional. And in medicine, don’t we often recommend the removal of non-functional organs, like an appendix?”

“So therefore, does it make sense for Avery to wait until she’s 18? Or should older adolescents be allowed to have surgery before the age of 18?” she asked.

Aye went on to justify her reasoning for minors to undergo radical gender surgeries by claiming transgender minors are some of the most “well-informed” patients due to receiving “psychological evaluations” and extensive hormone treatments

“The transgender patient maybe one of the most well-informed patients,” she claimed. “Who else has had years of psychological evaluation, months of medical therapy, and has thought of this one procedure for so long? So rather than to use strict age limits for eligibility, why not use the number of years in which one has lived in their affirmed gender?”

The disturbing video resurfaced on social media Tuesday after researcher Christopher Rufo brought attention to Aye’s remarks.

“I’m sure most of these gender doctors are otherwise intelligent, humane people, but radical gender theory has turned them insane,” Rufo tweeted. “They’re blocking out basic questions like ‘why has this increased by 500%’ and ‘is it really a good idea to surgically remove a child’s genitals.’”

The Ted Talk webpage for the event claimed Aye’s clinic aims to “affirm and support patients and their families”:

This multidisciplinary clinic provides pediatric endocrinology, urology, gynecology, psychiatry and psychology, general and plastic surgery and adolescent medicine services to affirm and support patients and their families. Dr. Aye’s research examines the impact of hormones on the developing brain, bone and body composition particularly in peri-adolescents who are receiving gender affirmation therapy.

Keep in mind Aye’s remarks that transgender surgery demands skyrocketed by 500% in 2019.

Since then, from 2019 to 2022, there has been a 582% increase in the number of students who identify as transgender.

But no major media outlets seem to ask the question, “why?”

Watch Aye’s full lecture: