by Kelen McBreen

While the establishment cries about global warming, citizens may be set to freeze this winter

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During his Thursday night opening monologue, Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned Americans of an upcoming crisis that could bring an already suffering U.S. economy to its knees.

Carlson began the segment by detailing Europe’s energy crisis and how the war in Ukraine has created a deadly issue that will become exacerbated this winter.

As Europeans suffer, American leaders have failed to take note of the continent’s energy troubles and secure energy for U.S. citizens in response.

The Fox host explained the trouble started when Western nations hit Russia with sanctions in response to its invasion of Ukraine.
Explaining how the sanctions have affected Europe, Carlson said, “Well, the Russian ruble is now far stronger than it was a year ago. The European economy, meanwhile, is collapsing. Europeans are much poorer than they were when the war in Ukraine started.”
Instead of the U.S. government taking heed, Tucker noted, “The Biden administration is doubling down on the self-destructive mistakes that are destroying the European Union.”
The Biden administration “banned Russian oil, natural gas and coal” while simultaneously crushing domestic oil production in America by canceling oil and gas leases.

“As if that wasn’t enough,” Carlson said. “The Biden administration sold a piece of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, maybe this country’s most important resource, to China. None of this hurt Putin in any way. All of it impoverishes the United States.”

Getting to the bottom of why the Biden administration would destroy America in order to defend Ukraine, Carlson cited Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland who recently claimed we need to fight Russia because they don’t support trans rights enough.

“Thanks to the Biden administration’s religious war in Ukraine, this country is about to run out of diesel fuel,” he told viewers. “According to data from the Energy Information Administration by the Monday of Thanksgiving week, (that’s 25 days from now), there will be no more diesel. What’s going to happen then? Well, everything will stop. That means trucks and trains and barges all unable to move.”

“Farm equipment will shut down. There will be no deliveries because there’ll be no trucks. There’ll be no diesel generators and then inevitably, our economy will crash because everything runs on diesel fuel—not on solar panels, not on wind farms, on diesel fuel. Diesel is not a negotiable commodity. You have to have diesel,” Carlson forewarned.

While most mainstream outlets and pundits will continue running cover for the Biden administration by refusing to focus on this dire situation, alternative voices like Tucker Carlson and Infowars will continue ringing the alarm bell and seeking solutions to the impending crisis.