Will the corrupt agency reveal the truth about the jabs and admit its own failure to acknowledge the dangers sooner?

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The CDC revealed on Friday the agency will be investigating the connection between the Covid shots and heart issues like strokes and heart attacks.

Fox News reports, “The CDC is now saying there has been enough cases of people who have had the vaccine, received the vaccine and then suffered a stroke. The agency will now be investigating any potential links between the shots and strokes in some of those patients.”

OAN also reported on this breaking news.

This announcement comes just days after the CDC released VAERS safety monitoring analyses for Covid vaccines that painted an alarming picture.

During Wednesday’s transmission of The Alex Jones Show, Jones explained how insurance company data also shows countries with high Covid vaccination rates are reporting around a thirteen percent increase in deaths.

“They knew it erased your immune system, they knew it didn’t work,” Jones told his audience. “They knew it caused blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks, strokes, on and on… infertility, all sorts of problems with your menstrual cycles, it attacks your testicles. This is the CDC!”