These European countries have decided they will NOT eat the bugs.

Two European countries have decided they will not eat the bugs in defiance of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda.

Italy and Hungary passed laws last week in an effort to protect their citizens from the EU’s push to market insects as food.

Hungary’s Minister of Agriculture István Nagy announced the government has passed regulations requiring foods that contain insect proteins to carry the label, “Warning! Food containing insect proteins” and to be displayed separately from other products.

“Those for whom it is important to buy food of Hungarian origin do not want to eat insects,” reported Hungarian newspaper Origo.

“In addition, Hungarian farmers always provide the Hungarian population with high-quality raw materials, fresh and high-quality food, and we do not need to fear food or protein shortages, he underlined.”

Notably, Hungary was the only member state not to support the EU’s initiative to allow insects to be marketed as food and food ingredients in the EU.

And Italy has banned insect flour from its pasta last week, citing the “fierce opposition” it generated in the country.

“The growing use in cooking of flour made from crickets, locusts, and insect larvae has met fierce opposition in Italy, where the government is to ban its use in pizza and pasta and segregate it on supermarket shelves,” The Sunday Times reported.

Francesco Lollobrigida, the agriculture minister, added, “It’s fundamental that these flours are not confused with food made in Italy.”

This is a victory against the bug-pushers at the World Economic Forum and the EU Commission, who passed new rules in 2020 as part of its. “Farm-to-Fork” strategy to phase in insects as part of the regular food supply.