by Frankie Stockes | National File November 29th 2020, 1:25 pm

Sidney Powell says Virginia “experienced serious election fraud against multiple conservative candidates.”

Pro-Trump advocate and attorney for General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, appeared to fire a warning shot via Twitter this morning, telling voters and officials in the Commonwealth of Virginia that “the Kraken on steroids team will see you soon.”

“Yes, Virginia, you experienced serious election fraud against multiple conservative candidates,” Powell wrote in a Sunday morning Tweet, before urging the cheated candidates to “stay strong.”

In the Tweet, Powell linked back to a report from the American Thinker that, using detailed analysis, alleges “hanky panky” that flat-out stole the state from President Trump in the early morning hours of November 4th. According to the Thinker’s article, as Trump votes rolled in in shocking numbers, election officials in Virginia – whose state-level government is now solidly under Democrat control – created, out of thin air, about 479,337 votes for Joe Biden, all the while ‘losing’ Trump votes (to avoid the 300% voter turnout figures seen in other states), handing Virginia’s 13 Electoral College votes over to the Biden-Harris ticket.

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