by National File December 6th 2020, 5:01 am

“Your governor could stop it very easily, if he knew what the hell he was doing.”

At a Georgia “Victory Rally” on Saturday night, President Donald Trump said that the Democrats “cheated” and “rigged our Presidential election”  but added that “we will still win it.”

President Trump described how evidence of widespread voter fraud contributed to Joe Biden’s media-declared victory. “We are watching Democrats very very closely,” said the President. He added that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp needs to “get a lot tougher than he’s been.”

The President told his audience that the Democrats were “going to try to rig this election too.”

“They’re trying to convince us that we lost, we didn’t lose. They found a lot of ballots, to be nice about it, and they got rid of some too,” said President Trump.

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