January 15th 2021, 1:39 pm

Opening your business is a more powerful form of protest than 10,000 Capitol protests

A grassroots effort is calling on businesses across the country to fully open their doors in defiance of unconstitutional COVID lockdown orders.

Activists organizing at OpenYour.Biz want a “nationwide display of civil disobedience” on January 21, a day after former Vice President Joe Biden is set to be illegitimately installed as President of the United States.

“All across the country, small business owners are forced to make a choice: Obey local covid restrictions, or feed their families,” a summary at the website states. “On 1.21.2021, that will forever change.”

The movement requests ALL businesses, including bars, restaurants, stores and salons, simultaneously open to full capacity, mitigating any Covid risks at their discretion.

“Every business in every city is encouraged to take part in this mass re-opening,” a flyer for the nationwide event states.

“There is power in numbers and the only way this will be a success is if YOU participate.”

According to the flyer, businesses are encouraged to declare their participation with photos of their businesses re-opening, along with the hashtag #OpenYourBiz “so we can show the world that our businesses are essential.”

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