January 15th 2021, 1:50 pm

Authoritarian Democrat thinks questioning legitimacy of an election is illegal

In a video clip posted by The Hill on Friday, Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman proved himself to be just another anti-free speech Democrat politician.

Discussing allegations of the state of Pennsylvania’s 2020 election process being fraudulent, Fetterman said the idea is false.

“This idea that saying that Pennsylvania was ‘rigged’ or that we were ‘trying to steal the election’ — that’s a lie,” he stated. “And you do not have the right, that is not protected speech.”

Perhaps Fetterman would like to call the thought police on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who wrote on Twitter in 2017, “Our election was hijacked. There is no question. Congress has a duty to protect our democracy and follow the facts.”

The Lieutenant Governor has recently become a darling of the left as he strongly condemns any mention of voter or election fraud in Pennsylvania.

He is rumored to be interested in running for a Senate seat in the near future.