Court petition claims, ‘Epps was playing a role of instigator, urging [defendant] and many others to push forward to get closer to the Capitol.’

Despite video evidence showing Epps instigating violence, he has yet to be arrested or jailed.

A motion by one of the Proud Boys’ defense attorneys in the Jan. 6 trial seeks to subpoena Ray Epps, who’s long been accused of working with the government and instigating violence that day.

In a court document circulating on social media Friday, Proud Boys defendant Dominic Pezzola asked the Court to authorize the witness subpoena of Epps to provide testimony on his involvement.

“Video recordings introduced previously in the trial show Ray Epps interacting with Dominic Pezzola (and Ryan Samsel and many others) on the Capitol grounds on January 6,” the request states.

“Upon information and belief, Epps was playing a role of instigator, urging Pezzola, Samsel and many others to push forward to get closer to the Capitol,” the request continued. “In some cases, Epps was telling demonstrators that “reinforcements were on the way” from some undisclosed source, upon information and belief from several sources.”

Pezzola’s petition added that footage which surfaced in the J6 case of William Pope also showed “at least three undercover agents secretly representing DC Metro Police were also acting similarly to Epps: going through the crowd on January 6 to instigate and stoke the crowd into storming the Capitol.

Here’s the footage referenced in Pezzola’s letter:

Despite tons of footage existing of Epps encouraging people to breach the Capitol building, which culminated in the first major breach of the Capitol that day, Epps has yet to be arrested or serve jail time, unlike other J6 defendants.

Here are several video clips of Epps on Jan. 5 inciting people to breach the Capitol, prompting some in the crowd to call him a “fed.”

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