by Kelen McBreen

UK kids meet panel of nude grown-ups to ‘educate’ them on body positivity

A British state-run outlet called Channel 4 aired its first episode of “Naked Education” on Tuesday, exposing teenagers to fully naked adults in order to “normalize all bodies.”

A Dutch television show similarly introduced young children to naked transgender people in a recent episode as covered by Infowars last week.

“Being naked is not a bad thing at all,” Channel 4 wrote in a Twitter post advertising the UK program.

In Tuesday’s episode, Brits aged 14-16 were brought into a room where they were faced with fully naked grown-ups.

Posted online by the Daily Mail, a clip shows the moment the teens were introduced to the naked adults.

One girl laughed at the amount of hair on the naked bodies and a boy said it was the first time he’d seen a naked person.

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