Nobody wants to eat the bugs to “fight climate change” — but the establishment doesn’t care.

Video from 60 Second Docs recirculating on social media shows a group of women trying ice cream made from bugs, and their reactions are about what you’d expect.

The 2018 video begins by explaining all the wonderful benefits of eating bugs, like more vitamins and a smaller carbon footprint, before showing how an ice cream alternative is made from the larvae of Black Soldier flies.

“The world needs alternatives to survive,” the narrator says. “Insects are vital for the future of food because they require very little land, they don’t damage the environment like livestock, they don’t produce greenhouse gases, and they meet the demand for ice cream.”

“Entomilk” is produced from the larvae of the flies to make the “creamy mouth feel” of the ice cream-like substance, and a group of unsuspecting women are soon offered cups of the chocolate-looking “dessert.”

The girls at first appear to enjoy their treat but soon becoming horrified upon learning they’re actually eating frozen bug mush.

This is a normal response to eating bugs, but the globalists are pushing ahead anyway to force people to consume insects to save the Earth.