by National File December 3rd 2020, 2:58 am

With only 10.3% adjudication, Trump wins the election by 40 votes.

Following an examination of a 100 vote sample conducted by the Arizona GOP, analysis by National File has concluded Biden’s lead in the state could drop down to 0.19% of the total votes cast.

On Wednesday, Arizona GOP Chair Dr Kelli Ward revealed the results of the examination of a 100 vote sample that they had conducted, after being granted access to the ballots by Judge Randall Warner. The votes examined in this batch were reduplicated ballots, in that they are a copy made from an original vote when it cannot be tabulated. This copying is meant to be done by a bipartisan team of county workers, which Ward alleges did not happen in many cases.

In the 100 vote batch, two votes were discovered that were of concern. Arizona GOP lawyer Jack Wilenchik wrote in a court filing that one original ballot contained “was clearly a vote for Trump,” but the “duplicate ballot switched the vote to Biden,” while a second Trump vote was completely discarded, due to the duplicate ballot also including a “blank” vote for a write-in presidential candidate.

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